Soft Pack Small 1-4 persons First Aid Kit

Soft Pack Small 1-4 persons First Aid Kit

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The Soft Pack Small designed for 1-4 persons is a compact yet comprehensive first aid kit, specially curated to address the immediate needs of a small group or individuals in various settings. This portable pack contains essential first aid supplies for minor injuries or incidents.

  1. Compact and Portable: Designed to be easily carried or stored in confined spaces, perfect for small groups, personal use, or on-the-go situations.
  2. Comprehensive Yet Concise: Contains essential items to address minor injuries and emergencies without overwhelming users with unnecessary supplies.
  3. User-Friendly Organization: Clearly labeled and compartmentalized interior for quick identification and access to necessary supplies during emergencies.


  • Triangle Bandage (2 safety pins) x 2
  • Eye Dressing x 2
  • First Aid Bag Small Fold Out x 1
  • Combine Dressing Medium x 2
  • Gauze Swabs 2’s x 2
  • Antiseptic Wipes x 2
  • Wound Irrigation Solution 30ml x 2
  • Instant Ice Pack Small x 1
  • Roller Bandage 7.5cm Wide x 2
  • Medical First Aid Tape 1.25mm x 1
  • Plastic Plasters x 25
  • First Aid Tweezer x 1
  • Wire Economy Scissors x 1
  • CPR Resuscitation Mask x 1
  • Examination Gloves (Pair) x 1
  • Contaminant Bag x 1
  • First Aid Tips x 1
  • Aids/Hepatitis Warning Label x 1