First aid Kit Industrial and Marine in Soft Pack

First aid Kit Industrial and Marine in Soft Pack

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A "First Aid Kit Industrial and Marine in Soft Pack" refers to a portable emergency kit specifically designed for industrial and marine environments. Here are its key features:

  • Industrial and Marine Focus: Tailored for workplaces in industrial or marine settings, equipped with supplies meant to address injuries or accidents common in these environments, such as cuts, burns, abrasions, or other workplace-related injuries.
  • Soft Pack Design: Housed in a flexible and portable soft pack, making it easy to carry and transport around various areas within industrial or marine settings.
  • Occupational Safety Compliance: Meets safety regulations and standards specific to industrial or marine workplaces, ensuring the kit is equipped to handle emergencies in these specialized environments.

The First Aid Kit in a Soft Pack designed for industrial and marine use offers portability and essential supplies for immediate first aid treatment, catering to the specific risks and potential hazards inherent to these work settings.


  • Triangle Bandage x 2
  • Roller Bandage 5cm x 2
  • Medical Tape 25mm x 1
  • First Aid Tips x 1
  • Clean Up Bag x 1
  • Scissors (Medium Rescue Shears) x 1
  • Safety Pins x 10
  • First Aid Tweezer x 1
  • Antiseptic Wipes x 2
  • Instant Ice Pack Medium x 1
  • CPR Face Shield x 1
  • Examination Gloves (pair) x 2
  • Silver Rescue Blanket x 1
  • Eye Pad Single x 2
  • Gauze Swabs 2's Sterile x 2
  • Medium Wound Dressing x 2
  • Large Wound Dressing x 2
  • Combine Dressing Small x 1
  • Combine Dressing Medium x 1
  • Combine Dressing Large x 1
  • Fabric Plasters Assorted x 12
  • Fabric Plasters Normal x 25
  • First Aid Bag or Container x 1
  • Saline Wound & Eye Irrigation (60ml) x 1
  • Burn Gel Sachet x 3
  • Hepatitis Warning Label x 1