Fabric Plasters Regular  72mm x 19mm 100&

Fabric Plasters Regular 72mm x 19mm 100's Boxed

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Fabric plasters, sized at 72mm x 19mm and offered in a box containing 100 units, are adhesive bandages made of fabric material and designed for various wound coverages. Here's a breakdown:

  • Fabric Material: These plasters are made from a fabric base, offering flexibility, comfort, and durability.
  • Dimensions: Each plaster measures 72mm x 19mm, providing a small and versatile size suitable for covering minor cuts, grazes, or wounds.
  • Quantity: The box contains a total of 100 individual fabric plasters, providing a substantial supply for first aid kits or medical use.
  • Adhesive: The plasters come with adhesive backing to securely attach to the skin, offering protection and promoting healing for minor injuries.
  • Standard Usage: These plasters are commonly used for small cuts, scrapes, or abrasions in medical, home, or workplace settings.

Fabric plasters in this size and quantity are essential items in first aid kits, offering a reliable solution for covering minor wounds, protecting them from contaminants, and promoting healing.