Fabric Plasters 50&
Fabric Plasters 50&
Fabric Plasters 50&
Fabric Plasters 50&

Fabric Plasters 50's Assorted Boxed 20Knuckle 20Finger Tip 10 Extention

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Fabric plasters, available in a box of 50 assorted pieces, typically include a variety of sizes and shapes suitable for different types of wounds or injuries. Here's a breakdown of the assortment mentioned:

  • Assorted Sizes and Shapes: The box contains 50 fabric plasters in assorted sizes and shapes, providing versatility for different types of wounds or injuries.
  • 20 Knuckle Plasters: Specifically shaped to fit and cover injuries on knuckles, offering protection and comfort in that area.
  • 20 Finger Tip Plasters: Designed to cover and protect wounds on fingertips, providing a suitable size and shape for such injuries.
  • 10 Extension Plasters: These plasters might be longer or wider, suitable for covering elongated wounds or providing extra coverage.
  • Fabric Material: Made from fabric for flexibility, durability, and comfort during use.
  • Adhesive Backing: Equipped with adhesive backing to securely attach to the skin and protect wounds from contaminants.

This assortment of fabric plasters offers a comprehensive selection of sizes and shapes to cover various types of wounds, ensuring proper protection and aiding in the healing process for injuries on different parts of the body.