Eye Wash Station with 2 x 250ml Eye Wash

Eye Wash Station with 2 x 250ml Eye Wash

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Our Eye Wash Station offers a quick and efficient solution for emergency eye care in workplaces or any environment where eye safety is a priority. Equipped with two 250ml bottles of eye wash solution, this station provides immediate relief and cleansing in case of eye injuries or exposure to hazardous substances.

  1. Dual 250ml Eye Wash Bottles: Each station includes two easily accessible bottles of eye wash solution, ensuring an ample supply for emergency eye care situations, such as flushing out irritants or chemicals.

  2. Wall-Mountable Design: The station is designed for easy installation on walls, allowing for visible and accessible placement in critical areas, promoting quick response during eye-related emergencies.

  3. Immediate Relief: The sterile eye wash solution aids in flushing away foreign particles, dust, or chemicals from the eyes, providing immediate relief and assisting in preventing further damage.

  4. Versatile Application: Suitable for various workplaces, including industrial settings, laboratories, construction sites, or any location where potential eye hazards exist.