Eye Wash Station with 2 x 500ml Bottles

Eye Wash Station with 2 x 500ml Bottles

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Our Eye Wash Station, equipped with two 500ml bottles of eye wash solution, is a reliable and immediate response system for eye-related emergencies in various workplace environments. This station ensures quick access to sterile eye wash solution, providing crucial aid in flushing out contaminants or irritants from the eyes.

  1. Dual 500ml Eye Wash Bottles: Each station includes two generously sized bottles of eye wash solution, offering an ample supply for swift and effective flushing in emergency situations.

  2. Easy Installation and Accessibility: Designed for wall mounting, this station can be placed strategically in work areas for high visibility and immediate accessibility during eye-related emergencies.

  3. Immediate Eye Relief: The sterile eye wash solution is formulated to flush away foreign particles, chemicals, or debris from the eyes, providing rapid relief and minimizing potential damage.

  4. Versatile Workplace Application: Suitable for industrial settings, laboratories, construction sites, or any workplace where eye hazards exist, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.