Eye Wash Station 2 x 250ml Eye wash Compact

Eye Wash Station 2 x 250ml Eye wash Compact

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Our Eye Wash Station with two 250ml bottles of eye wash solution offers a compact and efficient way to ensure immediate relief and cleansing in case of eye-related emergencies. Designed for ease of use and quick access, this station is an essential addition to any workplace or first aid kit.

  1. Dual 250ml Bottles: Two conveniently sized bottles of eye wash solution ensure an ample supply for emergency eye care, providing immediate relief in case of eye irritation or exposure to contaminants.

  2. Compact and Portable: The compact design allows for easy placement in various work environments, from industrial settings to offices, ensuring eye care is readily accessible when needed.

  3. Fast and Effective Relief: The sterile eye wash solution helps flush foreign particles, chemicals, or irritants from the eye, providing rapid relief and aiding in preventing further damage.

  4. Easy Installation: The station can be easily mounted on walls or placed on countertops, ensuring visibility and accessibility in emergency situations.