Compact Lone Worker Envelope Soft Pack First Aid Kit

Compact Lone Worker Envelope Soft Pack First Aid Kit

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Our Compact Lone Worker Envelope Soft Pack is a portable, versatile, and reliable safety solution designed for lone workers in various industries. This sleek and lightweight pack ensures that essential safety measures are always within reach, offering peace of mind for both employees and employers.

  1. Portability Redefined: The envelope-style soft pack is compact and easy to carry, allowing lone workers to have their safety essentials readily available wherever they go.

  2. Comprehensive Safety Components: Despite its small size, this pack includes a range of vital safety tools.

  3. Durability and Protection: Crafted from durable materials, the envelope soft pack ensures the safety tools within are shielded from external elements, ensuring their functionality when needed most.

  4. Adaptable and Customizable: The pack's design allows for easy customization and augmentation, letting users add additional safety tools or personalize it to fit specific work requirements.

Whether it's remote fieldwork, late-night shifts, or off-site visits, the Compact Lone Worker Envelope Soft Pack is the ultimate companion, offering comprehensive safety measures for lone workers in any scenario.


  • Triangle Bandage x 1
  • Roller Bandage 5cm x 1
  • Medical Paper Tape 12.5mm x 1
  • First Aid Tips x 1
  • Safety Pins x 10
  • Scissors Economy x 1
  • Saline Ampoule 15ml x 1
  • Island Dressing 7.5cm x 5cm x 1
  • First Aid Economy Tweezer x 1
  • Antiseptic Wipes x 2
  • CPR Face Shield x 1
  • Examination Gloves x 1
  • Eye Pad Single x 2
  • Gauze Swabs 2's Sterile x 2
  • Non-Adherent Dressings 5x7.5cm x 1
  • Combine Dressing 9x10cm x 1
  • Fabric Standard Plasters x 25
  • Envelope First Aid Pouch x 1
  • Hep Warning Label x 1