15L Oil & Hydrocarbon Spill Kit

15L Oil & Hydrocarbon Spill Kit

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The 15L Oil & Hydrocarbon Spill Kit is a purpose-built solution meticulously curated to address spills involving oils, fuels, and various hydrocarbon-based liquids. Tailored for prompt response and effortless transport, this kit integrates specialized absorbents and tools essential for containing, cleansing, and appropriately disposing of oil and hydrocarbon spills across diverse settings.

This spill kit boasts several definitive attributes:

Storage and Accessibility: Enclosed within a sturdy and space-efficient container, the kit is strategically designed for convenient storage in areas prone to oil-based spills. Its internal organization and clear labeling ensure swift access to essential tools and absorbents.

Compliance and Efficiency: Fully aligns with pertinent industry standards governing the management of oil and hydrocarbon spills, guaranteeing adherence to safety protocols and environmental mandates.

Comprehensive Instruction Guide: Furnishes precise and easy-to-follow instructions for the proficient utilization of the kit, simplifying the process for users to effectively tackle spills.

Reusable and Refillable Design: Crafted for multiple deployments, this kit can be easily replenished with replacement absorbents after an incident, ensuring its continual readiness for future emergencies.

With its compact design and efficiency, the 15L Oil & Hydrocarbon Spill Kit is an optimal solution for workshops, garages, machinery areas, or any location where oils and hydrocarbons are prevalent. It serves as a compact and proficient measure to swiftly manage spills, preventing environmental contamination, and mitigating workplace hazards.