Premium Lone Worker REFILL First Aid Kit

Premium Lone Worker REFILL First Aid Kit

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The Premium Lone Worker REFILL stands as an essential component, replenishing and reinforcing the safety measures provided by your Lone Worker safety kit. This refill pack ensures continued readiness and protection for those working alone in diverse environments.

  1. Comprehensive Safety Essentials: This refill pack includes a range of vital safety tools and resources, including personal protective equipment (PPE), communication devices, first aid supplies, and emergency response tools, precisely tailored for lone worker scenarios.
  2. Customizable Contents: Allows for flexibility in adapting contents based on specific job requirements or individual needs, ensuring the essentials are aligned with the demands of various work environments.
  3. Effortless Restocking: Designed for convenient restocking of your Premium Lone Worker safety kit, maintaining its completeness and efficacy without the need for a full replacement.
  4. High-Quality Components: Each item in the refill pack is selected for its quality, reliability, and compliance with safety standards, guaranteeing consistent protection for lone workers.


  • Triangle Bandage (No Safety Pins) x 2
  • Crepe Bandage 5cm x 1
  • Paper Tape 25mm x 1
  • First Aid Tips x 1
  • Clean Up Bag x 1
  • Scissors Medium Rescue Shear x 1
  • Safety Pins x 10
  • First Aid Economy Tweezers x 1
  • Antiseptic Wipes x 2
  • CPR Face Shield x 1
  • Examination Gloves in Printed Bag x 1
  • Silver Rescue Blankets x 1
  • Eye Pad Single x 2
  • Gauze Swabs 2’s Sterile Non-Woven x 2
  • Non-Adherent Dressings x 1
  • Non-Adherent Dressings x 1
  • Wound Dressing Medium x 1
  • Fabric Pack 6/Knuckle 6/Fabric x 1
  • Fabric Standard Pack 25 x 1
  • Green First Aid Bags x 1
  • Ampule Saline 30ml x 1
  • Hep Warning Label x 1